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Got a couple hours?  Click here to see a list of the parts we have collected and cataloged over the years for your T-28. This is a full file download so be patient. We also have a miscellaneous parts tab full of random parts that have showed up here and there. In addition, we are working on a tab for hard to find parts you might be looking for and extra parts you might have to sell or trade. All pages are searchable by part number or description. Have fun!

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Repair Capabilities

T-28 Parts also offers repair services for many of your own parts.  From fuel sending units to hydraulic actuators and oil tanks to cowls, we can fix just about anything. We also have access to authorized repair stations for those instruments and engine accessories that should be tagged.

Seal Kits

Seal deterioration is one of the main problems in any older aircraft. We have put together all the o-rings and seals needed to overhaul many of the T-28 hydraulic devices including the main gear and main gear actuator, the nose gear and its actuator, the master brake cylinder, and the shimmy damper, as well as the seals necessary for replacement during an oil change. In addition we have added kits for the canopy operating cylinder, flap operating cylinder, and the hydraulic hand pump.  This saves the owner considerable time tracking down part numbers in the IPB, then ordering the individual parts from multiple vendors.  If you find you need a seal kit we don't have, just call or email and we can put one together for you!